What’s it like to work at Forte Consultancy? Should you join us, you will:
  • Find yourself immersed in relationships; be it with clients or colleagues, you will experience a very high level of interactivity in every engagement, in almost everything you do each day.

  • Develop into a natural orator and wordsmith, using language as the key tool for delivering value. Underlying these interactions will be data, in all its shapes and forms, the facts behind your arguments.

  • Excel in analysis, in deciphering, in seeing the value in data. Be it in a role where you are hands-on designing a churn prediction model or in a role where you are explaining the logic behind a go-to-market business case, you will embrace the concept of consulting that is data-driven.

  • Find yourself striving to implement what you design, never satisfied to walk away, rather hungry to see your hard work come to fruition in the form of actual change.
  • Get to hate consulting companies that just leave decks of recommendations behind after their engagements, that judge their success based on the quantity of outputs they produce, the size of the invoice they issue.

  • Argue that success should be measured not by the size of invoice, but rather by the size of the change that takes place.

  • Celebrate in the fact that you are a part of a company that measures its own success in the same manner.
  • Find your best friends in Forte, developing relationships that will still be there when you are old and gray. You will argue with each other in projects, celebrate with each other in successes, relax with each other on vacations, and commiserate with each other over failures. In a short amount of time, you will come to see your colleagues as family.
  • Find yourself maybe leaving us, choosing a path that takes you in another direction. But you will leave a piece of you behind, in the form of an indelible mark that has shaped the company for the better. You will also find the company has shaped you, and left an impression on your professional as well as personal life.