Under constant reform and operating in a heavily regulated environment, pharmaceutical companies face increasing difficulty around being able to build relationships with their stakeholders, be it patients, pharmacists, or caregivers. This shackling of pharmas has prevented them from utilizing effective marketing and sales practices in their day-to-day operations.

Not to say that pharmas are completely shut off from doing what companies in other B2C sectors do; the development of social media as a channel, for example, presents a significant opportunity for pharmas to build their brands and market in ways thus so far not available to them. The science of data mining, as another example, is something that can increasingly be relied on for developing more effective and accurate sales practices.

Our experiences in helping companies optimize their marketing and sales efforts carries into the pharmaceutical industry as well, where we have already helped several companies make such enhancements, tapping into the opportunities that advancements in various channels and practices is presenting players in the industry.

Sales Channel Redesign / Mix Optimization
A service around reshaping the sales channel function, from designing and launching new sales channels, to optimizing the commissioning model, redesigning the support organization, to developing channel-specific policies and standards.
Project Management Office (PMO) Establishment
A service around supporting various initiatives that require guidance in implementing, through establishing, leading, and / or staffing project management offices overseeing the day-to-day efforts of various implementation work-streams.
Social Media Strategy Design

A service around helping pharmaceutical companies tap into the opportunities that can be realized through the utilization of social media as a marketing mechanism, leveraging the relatively still unregulated channel in various means.

Advanced Reporting & Dashboards Development
A service around designing and launching fully operational reporting solutions, allowing for the tapping into of various data for the purpose of decision making, putting the needed data into the hands of the right people at the right time.
Data Strategy & Governance Design
A service around enabling the utilization of data to drive value, from designing how data should be collected to where it should be stored, how it should be managed to how it should be leveraged / utilized.
Segment Target Assessment & Strategy Design

A service around assessing the patient base in the existing market, to guide decisions around the strategic targeting (or discontinuation of targeting) of various segments with existing or potential products and services.

Market Potential Analysis
A solution that estimates the untapped or winnable potential in the market, allowing pharmaceutical companies to in a strategic and data-driven manner design their sales strategies, particularly as it pertains to the targeting of various stakeholders (i.e. hospitals, doctors, etc.)
Segment-Specific Treatment Differentiation
A service around designing and bringing to life customized segment-specific treatments for various stakeholder segments, to ensure the relationship is differentiated and optimal, driving a positive impact on the bottom line.
Stakeholder Experience Culture Change Management

A service around transforming company and employee culture, to ensure it is aligned with the desired experience to be delivered to stakeholders (patients, caregivers, etc.), being a driver of change rather than a barrier to change, across all contact points.

Channel / Partner Launch & Divestiture Assessment
A service around assessing existing or potential channels / partnerships, to determine the need for launching new channels, or for dissolving, continuing, or entering into new agreements to drive an uplift in sales or service-related performance.
Supporting a Global Program Management Office

For one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, we managed a PMO around a multi-country project aimed at driving up information security across the various market entities - coordination with over 100 different markets was realized.

Guiding Social Media Practices

For one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, we helped the entity assess and determine how to use social media in marketing-related activities in Turkey going forward, as a new channel for driving marketing efforts.

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