A global economy in constant flux has done a number on the real estate industry over the last several years, with uncertainty a constant on the horizon. Economic downturns have led to the collapse of many a real estate company, and will continue to do so going forward. Now, more so than ever, companies in the real estate industry need to ensure they are getting the most out of their marketing and sales efforts.

Real estate companies can and should begin exploring ways in which they can improve their CRM practices, as the competitive edge that can ensure their survival just may be found in doing so. Many a real estate company is now realizing benefits from launching affinity / loyalty programs, proactive sales programs, segment-based differentiation efforts, discriminatory pricing, referral programs, etc.

Our real estate industry-related service offerings are uniquely tailored towards ensuring sales and marketing efforts are maximized. By tapping into our extensive service industry / B2C and CRM know-how, we have helped several real estate players enhance their marketing and sales efforts in similar manners, helping them find new ways in which to drive the acquisition / up-sell of tenants and customers, to select the optimal blend of tenants, to target the ideal segment of customers, and to deepen overall customer relationships. 

Total Customer Relationship Loyalty Program
A service around designing a loyalty program that drives behavior change across the entire customer lifecycle, to ensure maximum realization of objectives beyond just customer retention and customer satisfaction (driving referrals, renewals, etc.).
Tenant / Customer Segmentation
A service around understanding existing customer segments, not only in order to target them with various products and services, but also in order to understand potential target pockets of customers, allowing for the maximization of sales performance, occupancy rates, etc
Market Potential Analysis
A solution that estimates the untapped potential in the market, allowing real estate developers to in a strategic and data-driven manner design their expansion strategies, particularly as it pertains to the launching of new properties
Proactive Sales / Re-Sell Program Design
A service around turning reactive sales agents into proactive sales machines, not only around re-selling to existing owners / tenants, but as well to potential clients, pushing leads across the sales channels in order to achieve results.
Referral Programs Design
A service around designing effective referral programs, using existing owners / tenants as well as employees to drive acquisition in an alternative, low cost manner to traditional means.
Customer Experience Design
A service around developing an owner / tenant customer experience across their respective lifecycles, in order to ensure optimal and consistent interactions that collectively drive a positive impact on the bottom line.
Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
A service around analyzing various consumer segments to determine their potential lifetime value, estimating the revenues they can generate over the coming years from a sales and service perspective, enabling targeted marketing tactics to be taken.
Tenant Selection Strategy Design
A service around examining existing tenant mix, to understand the effect tenants have on driving up / down traffic and value, as well as understanding competitor tenant mix, in order to ensure future tenant selection strategies are optimal.
Pricing Sensitivity Analysis
A service around understanding the sensitivity various consumer segments have in regards to fluctuation of property prices, as it relates to demand, in order to utilize above as well as below-the-line discriminatory pricing practices to maximize revenues.
Segment-Specific Treatment Differentiation
A service around designing and bringing to life customized segment-specific treatments for various owner / tenant segments, to ensure the experience is differentiated and optimal for those who individually have a greater impact on the bottom line vs. the mass.
Revamping a Real Estate Sector Loyalty Program

For one of Turkey's largest real estate companies, we redesigned the existing loyalty program around its benefits and payout ratios, driving significant re-engagment with the program.

Enhancing a Real Estate Sector Loyalty Program

For one of Turkey's largest real estate companies, we developed a referral program component as an add-on to the existing loyalty program, turning its tenants into a proactive sales force for the company.

Guiding the Development of Mobile Applications

For one of the world's largest malls, we managed a PMO around driving the launch of a mobile app for mall visitors; the application provided directory services, store location information, movie theater ticket purchasing options, etc.

Enabling the Sharing of Customer Data

For one of the world's largest holding companies, we designed a customer data hub, for the purpose of creating synergies through driving consumers across company entities; through the sharing of consumer information, companies were able to acquire new customers from other holding companies (i.e. retailers from hospitals, hotels from malls, universities from real estate, etc.)

Designing a Country-Specific Targeting Strategy

For one the world's largest malls, we conducted an extensive assessment of visitors, to identify potential segments for targeting, with strategies designed for improving visits; specific country by country visitor uplift strategies were designed.

Designing an Intelligent Tenant Leasing Practice

For one of the world's largest malls, we conducted an engagement focused on helping the company identify which tenants to bring into the mall, to fill the remaining 200 stores after its launch; we assessed existing as well as competitor tenants to identify gaps, and recommended which tenants to accept for the remaining locations.

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