A revolutionary shift is taking hold, one which is seeing governmental and non-profit entities look, feel, and act like commercial entities. At the core of this transformation is an expectation of citizens for more efficient, effective, and friendly governmental services. Helping to propel this change has been significant investments by governments and non-profits into technologies as well as human resources.

These investments (in and of themselves) are not enough, however, to ensure such a shift happens. Moreover, a cultural transformation is necessary, one which changes the deep-rooted mind-set of employees, which ensures change is sustainable, change is constant. Collective one-time efforts to make change happen in government and non-profit entities will fail in the long run if cultural change is not realized.

We have helped numerous government and non-profit entities transform themselves into commercial-like organizations, bringing in sweeping changes around how people work, are motivated, and are measured, as well as how citizens are perceived, treated, and serviced. Central to our efforts in helping governmental and non-profit entities is our ability to bridge the private sector - public sector gap, tapping into our vast B2C expertise to help guide and drive these transformation efforts.

Performance Management System Redesign
A service around redesigning the overall performance management system within government and non-profit entities, including how employees are measured and monitored, what their specific targets are, how review cycles work, how employees are rewarded, etc.
Cultural Change Management
A service around transforming entity and employee culture, to ensure it is aligned with the desired experience to be delivered to stakeholders, being a driver of change rather than a barrier to change, across all service points.
Stakeholder Experience Design
A service around developing / redesigning the stakeholder experience, in order to ensure interactions are optimal from an end-user point-of-view, balancing concepts around effectiveness, efficiency, and cost-to-serve in the most optimal manner possible.
Stakeholder Experience KPI / Monitoring System Design
A service that enables entities to actively monitor performance against targets around key interaction areas that drive the overall stakeholder experience, allowing for timely actions to be taken when needed to improve performance.
Project Management Office (PMO) Establishment
A service around supporting various initiatives that require guidance in implementing, through establishing, leading, and / or staffing project management offices overseeing the day-to-day efforts of various implementation work-streams.
Regional & Global Benchmarking
A service around benchmarking similar or best-in-class governmental and non-profit entities in mission critical areas, in order to learn from and tap into their practices, leveraging best practices rather than trying to recreate the wheel.
Channel Migration Design
A solution that determines the specific interactions of various stakeholder segments that should be migrated to alternative channels, in order to not only drive down operating costs, but maximize the stakeholder experience.
Data Strategy & Governance Design
A service around enabling the utilization of data to improve overall operations, from designing how data should be collected to where it should be stored, how it should be managed to how it should be leveraged / utilized.
Customer Data Quality Assessment, Cleansing, and Records Unification
A service around understanding the quality of data on hand, identifying ways to make improvements to close the quality gaps, as well as conducting actual cleansing and unification of the data, to ensure stakeholder records are stored properly.
Advanced Reporting & Dashboards Development
A service around designing and launching fully operational reporting solutions, allowing for the tapping into of various data for the purpose of decision making, putting the needed data into the hands of the right people at the right time.
Designing an Entity's Vision, Mission, and Strategy

For one of the Middle East's largest non-profits focusing on accelerating the performance of women in the workplace, we designed the vision, mission, and strategy of the entity for the coming years.

Designing a Program Management Office

For one of Turkey's largest non-profit entities, we developed a strategy for driving up the utilization of technologies by businesses in the workplace; this effort was supported by a year-long project management office that oversaw various development activities.

Developing Department-Specific Budgets

For one of the Middle East's largest chambers, we developed the annual budget for the entity, setting with each department their individual budgets for the coming calendar year, several years in a row.

Developing a KPI-Based Performance Management System

For one of the Middle East's largest chambers, we developed a comprehensive KPI performance management system, for every department of the entity, with targets established, as well as a tool for monitoring performance on a monthly basis.

Conducting Best-in-Class Global Benchmarking

For one of the Middle East's largest chambers, we conducted a global assessment of best-in-class chambers, for the purpose of identifying improvement opportunities across a variety of dimensions.

Conducting Competitor-Related Global Benchmarking

For one of the world's largest arbitration centers, we conducted a global benchmarking study, to identify key competitors, best-in-class entities, and identify opportunities for improvement to ensure better positioning. 

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