Behind the ability to offer the optimal mix of competitive products and services along with an overwhelmingly positive customer experience to the customer base lies effective operations. Without the proper people, processes, and systems in place, no company can develop or sustain an advantage against its competitors.

Required behind the scenes is an orchestration of operations, ensuring everything the customers sees, touches, and feels is truly of high value and complete, not just smoke and mirrors.

With our operations-related service offerings, we help companies work in harmony towards ensuring operations are efficient, effective, seamless, measurable, and deliver value to the client in a customer-centric manner. From redesigning how simple processes work to designing comprehensive performance management systems that change employee behavior, we ensure companies get it right when it comes to how they operate.

Process Redesign
A service around redesigning the processes of companies, both in the back office and across the channels, to ensure not only efficiencies are realized, but interactions are value-added, experiences are optimized, and service levels met, consistently.
Organizational Structure / Roles Redesign
A service around redesigning how companies operate from an organization perspective, from redesigning reporting structures to redefining role-specific responsibilities, driven by the objective of improving overall performance.
Employee Assessment Program Design
A service around assessing the capabilities, skills, cultural fit, as well as potential to grow and / or change of employees, allowing for the design and taking of tactical actions on an individual employee level to drive up performance, drive down attrition, etc.
Balanced Scorecard Design
A solution enabling the launch of a balanced scorecard practice within companies, from defining company-wide strategic objectives that cascade down to individual employees, to setting KPIs and launching an actual operational reporting tool.
Performance Management System Redesign
A service around redesigning the overall performance management system within companies, including how employees are measured and monitored, what their specific targets are, how review cycles work, how employees are rewarded, etc.
Operations-Related Systems Evaluation
A service around supporting companies select the optimal set of tools for bolstering performance, with a particular focus on customer relationship management (CRM) related hardware and software solutions.
Designing Core Customer-Related Processes

For a leading Central Asian bank, we designed all core processes around the credit card practice of the company, ensuring efficient and effective operations around acquisition, cross-sales, account closing, etc.

Redesigning Company-Wide Key Processes & Policies

For one of Europe's largest multi-industry coalition programs, we redesigned all of the key processes of the company, including the redesign of roles and responsibilities.

Redesigning Account Management Practices

For one of Europe's largest multi-industry coalition programs, we designed the key account management principles and processes.

Developing a KPI-Based Performance Management System

For one of the Middle East's largest chambers, we developed a comprehensive KPI performance management system, for every department of the entity, with targets established, as well as a tool for monitoring performance on a monthly basis.

Designing & Operationalizing Balanced Scorecards

For a boutique bank in Turkey, we designed an end-to-end performance management system, including a balanced scorecard with individual level KPIs, a capability and skill-sets framework, and an overall rewarding system tied into annual performance reviews - as well, we designed an operational Access-based KPI monitoring system that was made accessible across the entire bank until the procurement of additional software.

Enabling Campaign Management Practices

For one of Turkey's largest public banks, we designed the credit card unit's campaign management operations, with a particular focus on enabling below-the-line marketing activities. Focus areas included process design, organizational design, roles and responsibilities design, etc.

Optimizing Cards-Related Operations

For one of Turkey's largest public banks, we redesigned the credit card operations, including application processes, organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, etc., to ensure alignment with and ability to handle anticipated volumes from the launch of a new credit card.

Fine-Tuning Cards-Related Operations

For a major bank in Turkey, we designed the company's card-related processes, optimizing operational efforts to ensure efficiencies as well as process-related customer satisfaction levels are maximized.

Channel Migration Strategies – Matching Customers to the Optimum Channels
As the number of channels which a company can service its customers through has proliferated over the years and will likely continue to, strategies need to be developed that turn into actions aimed at shifting certain customers to certain channels, in order to best optimize the cost of servicing customers vs. the level of service they receive through different channels…
Making it Right - Problem Resolution for High-Value Customers
Nothing makes or breaks an existing relationship with a customer like a problem handled effectively or mismanaged. How high-value customers are treated during a problem resolution process is of the utmost importance in hoping to retain them…
Business Intelligence 2.0 – The Hidden Treasures in Cell Tower Data
A new and unconventional means for learning about one’s customers, cell towers capture unique information that can be used in groundbreaking manners by any mobile operator to better serve, market, and sell to its customer base...
Retail Loyalty Programs – Tapping Into Their Hidden Benefits
From supermarkets to electronics stores, gas stations to coffee shops, loyalty programs are abound in the retail sector, and flourishing more than ever. But it’s the rare retailer that has truly tapped into the value lying within the program’s customer-related data…
Improving Processes in the Service Sector – Going Beyond Efficiency and Quality Uplift
Traditionally, efforts around improving processes in the service sector have had at their core the end goal of reducing operational expenses while maintaining or improving service quality, focused on driving efficiency in certain day to day business activities...
Why Recreate the Wheel? Using Best Practices in the Workplace
Many a company aspiring to be a trendsetter or market leader like an Apple or a McDonalds doesn’t have to be as innovative as them to succeed in their respective sectors / countries – they just need to learn (and borrow liberally) from the best…
Wondering What Lies Ahead? The Power of Predictive Modeling
From telecoms to finance, e-commerce to government, predictive models are being utilized across various sectors to tackle all kinds of business problems. Companies that have yet to benefit from this practice need to examine the ways in which they can do so...
Enabling Cross-Selling Across Group Companies By Centralizing Data
How about making an extra $500 million in two years time with what you already have? Central data hubs and data marts have generated significant benefits for group companies that have utilized them. More and more group companies in the Middle East are taking heed and are launching similar initiatives to reap the benefits...
'Occasional' Customer Segmentation - Uncovering Hidden Truths About Customers
As traditional customer segmentation has become blasé, with occasion segmentation the hot trend, it’s a hybrid model of the two - 'occasional' customer segmentation – that companies seeking to “be there” for their customers need to examine...
Eyes Wide Open - Competitor Intelligence Practices
According to a study by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, about 90% of the Fortune 500 companies in the US are conducting competitive intelligence activities...
Where are Your Dealers? (Optimizing the Dealer Network)
The dealer network is the most important channel for many companies operating in the retail sector. Unfortunately, examples of poorly managed dealer networks are abound, particularly on the issue of geographic distribution of dealers...
Your Customers Are Changing, Are You Following?
The economic downturn is having a substantial impact on the needs, preferences and behavior of customers. Companies need to tap into their customer intelligence to ensure they adapt as well to these changing conditions...
Cost Cutting Practices For the Financial Services Industry
As almost a matter of life and death, just to stay afloat, many financial institutions around the world are biting off big chunks of cost items from their income statements...
Are You Using Enough and the Right Facts for Decisions across Your Organization?
Organizations make tens to millions of managerial and operational decisions every single day with difference importance levels and frequencies. Such decisions range from highly strategic ones, such as decisions on entry to new markets to tactical ones, such as the next product that the sales agent will offer to a customer...