Many a company over the years has mismanaged its internal data-related practices; from failing to capture, verify, record, and store data in an effective manner, to having no ongoing effort or full-time resources in place to do so, too many companies have dropped the ball here.

This failure, in turn, has led to such companies being unable to develop internal business intelligence practices, conduct data mining efforts, develop analytics models.

With our analytics enablement-related service offerings, we help companies turn back the clock and right the ship, by providing end-to-end services that allow them to tap into the vast value lying within their data. From helping companies get the basics right by setting a course for the future around data strategy (as well as cleansing what’s already on hand), to building a customer data mart that can allow for rapid actions to be taken, our service offerings enable companies to launch or significantly improve their overall business intelligence-related practices.

Data Strategy & Governance Design
A service around enabling the utilization of data to drive value, from designing how data should be collected to where it should be stored, how it should be managed to how it should be leveraged / utilized.
Customer Data Quality Assessment, Cleansing, and Records Unification
A service around understanding the quality of data on hand, identifying ways to make improvements to close the quality gaps, as well as conducting actual cleansing and unification of the data, to ensure customer records are stored properly.
Customer Data Model, Hub, and Mart Design
A service around designing data storage solutions, identifying not only what data should be stored, but how it should be stored, going beyond design into actual ETL efforts and practices.
Advanced Reporting & Dashboards Development
A service around designing and launching fully operational reporting solutions, enabling for the tapping into of various data for the purpose of decision making, putting the needed data into the hands of the right people at the right time.
Analytics Practice / Operations Design
A service around building an entire analytics practice for companies looking to tap into the benefits of data mining and business intelligence, encompassing organizational design, processes design, solutions selection, training, data storage strategy, etc.
Analytics Architecture Design / Solution Selection
A service around supporting companies build the optimal base for enabling analytics, guiding the selection of the ideal set of hardware and software solutions through conducting due diligence, assessing potential vendors, designing RFPs, etc.
Designing a Campaign Management Practice

For one of the world's largest software companies, we developed a campaign management strategic framework, to be used at their telecommunications client in setting up its campaign management tool related efforts.

Conducting a Comprehensive Data Quality Assessment

For one of Europe's largest energy retailers, we conducted a data quality assessment around the company's customer records.

Designing a Data Strategy and Governance Plan

For one of Europe's largest multi-industry coalition programs, we designed the data strategy and the governing data model for the company.

Redesigning and Launching a Reporting Platform

For one of Europe's largest multi-industry coalition programs, we redesigned and relaunched the company's reporting platform, including the design of new KPIs, the design of new report formats, etc.

Conducting a Comprehensive Data Quality Assessment

For one of Europe's largest multi-industry coalition programs, we conducted an extensive data quality assessment effort, around improving the quality of the company's more than 10 million customer records.

Enabling the Sharing of Customer Data

For one of the world's largest holding companies, we designed a customer data hub, for the purpose of creating synergies through driving consumers across company entities; through the sharing of consumer information, companies were able to acquire new customers from other holding companies (i.e. retailers from hospitals, hotels from malls, universities from real estate, etc.)

Developing a Third Party Reporting Portal

For one of Europe's largest home improvement retailers, we designed a supplier portal to allow suppliers to assess their sales performance, compare their performance to competitors, etc.

Developing a Unified Customer Database

For one of the world's largest automotive companies, we unified and cleansed the company's customer database in Turkey; for the first time, the company was able to understand its actual number of unique customers, each and every single one's value, each and every one's product portfolio, etc.; this effort enabled the Marketing and Sales team to conduct much more intelligent campaigns and activities with the customer base.

Designing & Operationalizing Balanced Scorecards

For a boutique bank in Turkey, we designed an end-to-end performance management system, including a balanced scorecard with individual level KPIs, a capability and skill-sets framework, and an overall rewarding system tied into annual performance reviews - as well, we designed an operational Access-based KPI monitoring system that was made accessible across the entire bank until the procurement of additional software.

Enabling Effective KPI Monitoring & Reporting

For one of the MENA region's largest quadruple players, we designed a KPI dashboard for the Procurement and Logistics department of the company, allowing executive management to on an ongoing real-time basis track performance across key areas of the business.

Guiding Customer Value Management Practices

For one of the MENA region's largest quadruple players, we have been supporting on an on-going basis the customer value management efforts of the company, by conducting ad-hoc analysis, identifying opportunities and threats, enhancing models, etc.

Developing a Marketing-Related Customer Data Mart

For one of the MENA region's largest quadruple players, we built a customer data mart to enable the design of various marketing analytics models - over 4000 unique variables per customer were defined in this data mart.

Enabling the Reporting of "One Version of Truth"

For a major Pan-African telecommunications player, we designed "one version of truth" reporting across the company's various markets; for the first time, the company was able to have accurate comparable reporting across the entire base of operations

Enabling Continuity In Marketing Analytics Efforts

For one of the world's largest satellite television providers, we assisted with the migration of the company's data warehouse, ensuring marketing analytics efforts were not affected during the migration, that the models could be replicated with the new data warehouse.

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