Driving Service Consistency Across the Dealer Network

The Situation

One of the largest automotive manufacturer / distributor companies in Turkey was facing significant issues around the level of service it was providing its existing and potential sales and service customers. In numerous recent surveys both in Turkey as well as in Europe, the company had performed relatively poorly around dealer-related customer satisfaction, with significant fluctuation across the various dealers in regards to performance. Fully aware of the correlation between customer satisfaction and sales, the company decided across its key markets to transform the dealer experience.

The Solution

Over the course of a six-month period, we customized and re-designed materials (that had been used in a couple key markets) around transforming the way in which dealer employees behave with existing and potential customers, in key operational areas that have a significant impact on the overall consumer experience (i.e. the test-drive experience, the hand-over experience, etc.). The efforts culminated in the launch and execution of a week-long training boot-camp attended by nearly 1000 of the company’s dealer employees. Using actors, role-playing, various props, and a number of other unique methods for inspiring attendees, extensive training was delivered to drive behavior change across mission-critical operations.

The Results

The program was a huge success from day one, with the first positive results realized immediately – over 95% of the dealer employee attendees gave a perfect score to the training efforts, expressing great appreciation for the program and its components. More importantly, the company has moved into the top three in the Turkish market around customer satisfaction scores, within just months of the completion of the engagement. Beyond this, there is now significant consistency in the way service is delivered across the dealers. The success of the program has resulted in additional programs being launched across key markets, with focus on improving practices in other areas.